After 2 years of corona, this is the first time we have sports day before Kongin’s Dag.

Timeline was:

8:30 bring the kids to meeting point

8:40 I dropped off the gift at my brother-in-law’s house just next to the sports field

8:55 drove to Hema and bought permanent marker

9:10 arrived at the petrol station to refill petrol. For Friday morning, there is no queue.

9:30 arrived at Biergrens, however they only open at 10.

10:00 go in to get milk and beer

10:15-11:30 had tea with a friend at her house

11:30 drove back to sports field to pick up kids

At the meeting point in the morning
the empty field where the sport day will be held
about 12pm, when i return to pick up W

There were 6 schools under Groenlint group joined for the sports day. Those school from B, they walk over to the field. For those from my village A, the parents drove the kids over. And for those come from further away like Galder, the school rented bus/ double-decker bus to bring the kids over.

Merchadise for King’s Day at Hema
Ukraine flag flying in front of B’s gemeeten huis

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