1:10 trading among allies

1:33 did not benefit Soviet Union, it benefited another democracy

2:50 early 2001 let China into WTO is the biggest mistake

3:30 now 23 years later, China changed capitalism

4:09 those chinese workers when they get rich, they will buy American products & demand freedom and democracy and change China

actually this has happened to certain extend in China. Richer Chinese people buy LV, Gucci etc and expansive cars and American softwares.


5:40 export their authoritarian model

6:03 American is now faced with the consequence of this catastrophic mistake

6:10 1 society divide along the line of economic benefit

7:00 如果美国人也离开的话, 那就和中国的农民工差不多,都要背井离乡去挣钱

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