Pointpal 11 months

You know the best thing I got out of Pointpal experience is that

1 I truly know what I can do on sales – it is a confidence I cannot gain otherwise

2 I understand a lot better of what Guus has gone through as MD of yago.sg and that really helps me to be a better – share holder and wife

3 I learnt a great deal of what misakes a start-up can make & realize how good Guus have done

4 I learnt more about myself, qualities that helps or hinders me grow

5 I finally realize that ONE thing that costed me in my career so far and I know how I can work on to improve it, with a real measurement

6 I know who are my true friends and how much they’d be willing to help me

My quote: 亲身体验

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怡然自得 @ 2012-09-06 00:24:34

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