I am no PAP fan.

But I have to say PM Lee’s answers were brilliant. It really makes clear of the different view points of Singapore.

It really reminded me of Mr LKY’s 1950 Q&A.


00:00 – Impact of the invasion of Ukraine on the Asia-Pacific

09:58 – On the regional view of the United States

14:16 – On China’s reaction to the Ukraine crisis

17:52 – On the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework

21:02 – Pushing back against deglobalisation

24:00 – On the Korean Peninsula situation

25:54 – Nuclear proliferation versus non-proliferation

27:31 – On the South China Sea dispute

30:32 – The potential role of China in the Ukraine crisis

31:40 – Singapore’s perspective on global security arrangements

34:27 – On post-pandemic economic recovery and prospects for Chinese markets

37:01 – On engaging with China

42:11 – On the US’ experience in doing business with China

46:20 – On the global climate crisis

50:09 – How Singapore is adapting to the climate crisis

52:55 – On digital cooperation between countries

55:01 – On Myanmar

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