Should Tan Chuan-Jin be removed just because of his “xxxxing populist” comment?

In my opinion, No. One comment like that, though not the expected conduct of a speaker of parliament, should still be given chance if he has a 10-year long track record of good conduct.

Should Tan Chuan-Jin be removed just because of his extramarital affair?

In my opinion, No. Because I see a politician’s private life aside from his public life. If he has not abuse of power and other mis-conduct, but only this affair. Then this mistake along should not cost him his post. But I can understand that for some Singaporean, they will lose trust in Tan because he probably lied to his family.

I think PAP has such a high standard is because Mr Lee Kuan Yew himself set a very high standard. The problem is not every politician can match MR LKY’s standard.

The Q is does PAP has clear line there? And have the party been acting consistently fairly to all his party members?

If any politician got into extramarital affair should be fired from the party, then PAP should make that consistent with all the MP/members that had that problem. And PM LHL is right to fire Mr Tan now. (PAP needs to get their own record straight, e.g. firing Mr Tan is because of what charge. firing another MP that had extramarital affair is because of what charge.)

If it is not an offense that worth firing, then Mr Tan should not be forced by party/Mr Lee HL to resign. But general election is electing on a group, not individual MP, so I don’t think the vote will be able to show voters’ attitude towards a single politician.

In reality, I think party’s strong stance on this kind of matter would make MP to be 1) very careful with having an extramarital affair. Better not to have it. 2) have it in secret manner.

Q HR practices in party

I think if in private companies, manager and sub-ordinates cannot have relationship. Then in party, it should also not be the case. Therefore Prime Minister LHL said it is not acceptable to have speaker/MP having relationship, i agree with that. (I am puzzeled what happened btw 2020 – 2023 Feb that PM LHL was thinking. But I could imagine maybe he gave Mr Tan warning and said “stop it”, and he gave Mr Tan chances until Feb 2023. Only recently when he got stronger evidence that the relationship is still on, then he fired Mr Tan). Then

1st the relationship should be made public, just like in private companies.

2nd either they can be separated into roles that don’t have any interaction (like in private companies) or one of them left the company.

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