First time that we went welling at Rummel Markt.

The week before, I spent one full day gathering old staff from everywhere in the house, from baby stuff, children’s shoes to toys, football staff and new clothes my mum sent me which I cannot wear. A lot of them were also given by Cobie from her attic collection. It turned out that her items were better selling than mine.

I put the canaval clothes and baby clothes to be Free, but still only 1 set were taken. At the end of the day, those clothes that still remaining, I put them to the clothes collection point beside our supermarket.

Guus set up our Thomas the train in action. And it definitely attracted many kids, for example this one in the photo.

As Guus famously put it, “Marketing (him) is responsible for attracting the right crowd, then it would be up to Sales (me) to close the deal. ” But it really wasn’t much sales involved. If people saw something they want, they would just ask for a price. And if I gave a very reasonable price, then there is straight away a deal.

Total sales 24 Euro

0.5 baby cup with straw

2 football shoe 

5 baby step and helmet 

4 car model cobie 

4 car model cobie 

4 car model cobie

1 baby beads from cobie 

1 baby crib thing from cobie

0 Carnaval clothes

4 microscope set cobie

0.5 football glove

荷兰人的庆祝方式就是 摆摊。是的,你没看错。
最后,还得我这个资深销售自己上 😂

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