last week, I heard Deep’s episode with Colin Nanka, #17 Defeating Average (Dec 16 2021). Close to the end of the show, Deep discussed the question, is it OK to be average?

My understanding of Colin’s beating the average, was that he wanted to be the better self, constantly challenging himself to do something he thinks he can’t is his way of beating the average self.

In that definition, there is nothing wrong, in my opinion. Because it is only you measuring against yourself. You are the force driving the actions.

Then, I watched Paola’s video on the same topic “how i found my path – embracing being average in the best way” I think her being average was measured against others, comparing with others and she found the pressure. I think that is quite common to many people and that is not healthy. I am really happy that Paola shared this openly in her video and hopefully more people will take themselves out of this trap.

For myself, I grew up in very competitive envrionment in China, but I never fall in the trap because I think my mother never compared me with any one else. So eventhough at school, i was constantly compared with my classmates and students in the same grade, or in the same district (I was in Haidian district), I was not feeling the pressure. And because I was with very smart people as my classmates, I learnt very early in my teens that I don’t have to beat the others. We can shine in different ways. And I was quite lucky that I got a very encouraging mother that always tell me what I am good at.

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