Hello! This is the first blog entry for this new website and I hope this will be a permanent home.

I was born in the 1980s and I had my first blog in 2004-2-15. I remembered that was the start of having a personal blog online (before that I had the habit of writing diary in a notebook). And I remembered MSN myspace was providing free blog sites, where you can have drag-and-drop user interface to design how your blog look like. Now in 2021, this company do not exist anymore. And so as my MSN myspace blogsite.

However my first blog site was created by a friend Wuvist, who studied computer science and basically he acted like MSN, operated his own blog platform. I just entered university then and with a bunch of freshman, we all signed up an account with him and started blogging. It was fun, we could see each other’s blog and felt like a big community. People we didn’t know, but also had an account on wuvist’s platform, could also found our blog and we made friends that way. In China later, there came Weibo, which was exactly the same thing.

I kept writing on this blog well into 2012-11-21, then I stopped. I couldn’t remember what was the reason. I knew around that time, I got a new job at Lumesse Singapore and it was pretty hectic. Then in Sep 2013, I moved to another new company, and it was even more hectic. I guess I may just run out of time to write blogs.

On the other hand, Facebook has become the main social media platform for me around 2010. I think it is mainly the photo-tagging function that made it a lot easier to interact with friends/colleagues everywhere in the world. (registered around Jun 2007 and stopped to be active user around 2017). I had written a few articles and published on Facebook, but Facebook never felt like a blog to me.

Then I started to use more and more Wechat app to share photos and short blogs since 2016 (registered in 2013 Nov and stopped to be active user around 2021 Sep), mainly because this is the only platform my family in China could access easily. And also, there were so many good public accounts that I can subscribe to get information

After all these changing platforms, I felt like I should have a place of my own.

Now, my first task is to migrate my old blog posts and consolidate them all here. I want to thank Wuvist for help maintaining his platform all these years, so I could still find back my articles.

And since the time stamp will not work with the migration, I hope it will not be a big problem for you, the reader.

I am surprised to find that I have written so many blog pieces, and it is really interesting to read them again, after almost 20 years. It feels like to find back all the pieces of me through time and together they make me see how I become who I am today.

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  1. correction: later I found out that my new blog allows to edit publishing date and date it back to the past e.g. 2004. So it would still be according to chronological order. I am super happy.

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