About 1-2 months ago, class whatsapp group started to ask volunteer for taking the kids. Our class needed 5 to 6 cars.

a week before, whatsapp group for this event, the “class moeder” give details about when to gather at school.

on the day my schedule looks like this:

8:30 bring the car to the parking place outside of the school. Go into the classroom, wait for Teacher to assign me a group of 4 kids

8:45 left the school, we had 2 classes, about 12-13 cars in total. We drove to the museum in a line, very impressive

around 9:10 arrive at the parking garage. Walk the kids about 5KM to the museum, needed to cross a busy road

about 9:30 waited at the entrance of the museum, until some staff from museum to come and receive us. School has a museum, card, so all the kids + 2 teachers + all the parents entered for free

the 2 classes spilt. Our class goes to level 1 first, then level 2, then pauze, then level 1 ice age. The other class reverse order.

the staff showed us, teachers & parents how to use the exercise sheets and check the answers. Then off we go, explore in our small groups.

For my group, A and J and W started running around on their own. only S stayed by me and wanted to do the opdracht/exercise. The whole class has 3 kids, that have been to this museum. S is one of them.

Luckily I have been here before, so I know roughly what to expect with the exhibitions.

Basically the museum staff controled time. They would gather us and bring us to the next exhibition.

About 10:30 is morning break. Kids went to get their school bag and ate their fruits.

Observation of fruits: many varieties of fruits. And some family also brought cookies or crabstick on top of fruit.

The parents got tea from the teacher. And 15 mins later, we started ice age exhibition.

A different group of staff take us to the drawing bench and briefed the parents things they can do. Then we separated into our groups.

Ice age is more interactive. We went to 1) an interactive game about identifying the tools and their purpose 2) hunt the mammal 3) build towers with stones 4) drawing with natural paint made from sand

I can see A is very quickly getting bored and would not want to pay attention to the things we were doing. 我觉得他是属于那种特别聪明,同时也对事物接受的特别快,一旦明白了,注意力马上跑到别的事情上去了。




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